Sterilizing or disinfecting composition

Publication Date

July 2, 2002

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A disposable travel mask has a body and is held in position over the nose and mouth of a wearer. The body of the ask has a filter area for entrapping air-borne contaminates. The filter area has at least two layers, such as an inner layer adjacent the wearer's mouth and an outer layer. The outer layer entraps large contaminates such as dust and also traps at least a portion of the bacteria or other germs. The other layer entraps contaminates that have passed through the first layer. The travel mask may be assembled from commonly available materials. For example, an anti-allergen filter material may be sealed to a surgical mask or a laser mask. The travel mask may have a printed design or pattern to make the travel mask more aesthetically pleasing and to allow the travel mask to better blend into a travel environment.

Sterilizing or disinfecting composition