Sulfoaliphatic Sulfonamideperoxycarboxylic acid, their manufacture and use of bleaching agent and as a sterilizer

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A method and apparatus for the delivery of a vaporized pharmaceutical or medicant for the treatment and alleviation of ailments such as, cold symptoms, asthma and/or certain skin infections. A stream of air is heated and directed to the desired area and the medicant or pharmaceutical is vaporized into the air stream for delivery to the desired area. Preferably delivery is to the mucous or other membranes where it is absorbed by the body. In the treatment of colds the air is introduced into the nasal passages of the cold sufferer at a hyperthermia level. A vaporized microbicidal agent is introduced into the stream of air and into the nasal passages. The apparatus includes a housing containing a fan or blower and temperature control heating elements to warm the air. The housing includes a distribution area having nasal outlets for positioning on or about the nasal area of the user so that the warmed air is directed to flow into the nasal passages. A supply of microbicidal agent within the apparatus housing is introduced into the flow stream of the heated air by a spray device so that minute droplets of the microbicidal agent are entrained within the flow stream of the heated air. The combined effect of the heated air at hyperthermia levels and the microbicidal agent act on the cold viruses or bacterias housed in the nasal passages so as to alleviate cold systems.

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