Surgeon's glove having improved donning properties

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January 20, 2004

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The present invention relates to iodine demand disinfectants. It relates in particular to a process for preparing a polyiodide-resin for use as an iodine demand disinfectant wherein a porous strong base anion exchange resin in a salt form, is contacted with a material capable of donating a member absorbable by the resin so as to convert the resin to the polyiodide-resin. The adsorbable member is selected from the group comprising I 2 and polyiodide ion having a valence of −1. The process is characterized in that conversion of the anion exchange resin to the polyiodide-resin is effected at elevated temperature and elevated pressure, the elevated temperature being 100 degrees C. or higher, the elevated pressure being greater than atmospheric pressure. The present invention also relates to disinfectant substance comprising an iodine (impregnated) resin as produced by the above process.

Surgeon's glove having improved donning properties