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<P>PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a compact deodorizing sterilizer deodorizing and sterilizing indoor air. <P>SOLUTION: This deodorizing sterilizer is provided with a casing part 14 formed into a cylindrical shape with a closed bottom, having an introduction port 16 introducing an indoor air opened in a side surface and a delivery port 18 delivering the air after deodorization and sterilization opened in the upper part and an inner cylinder 24 stored inside the casing and communicating with the delivery port in the upper part. The inside of the inner cylinder 24 is provided with a heater part 36 heating the indoor air introduced in the inner cylinder from the bottom part side, a deodorizing/sterilizing part 38 deodorizing and sterilizing the indoor air heated by the heater part by a catalysis and a cylinder part 42 provided connected to the deodorizing/sterilizing part; and serially disposed with heat exchangers 40 which exchanges the heat mutually by allowing the indoor air introduced in the inner cylinder 24 to flow down outside the cylinder part and allowing the air deodorized/sterilized by the deodorizing/sterilizing part to rise the inside and delivers the deodorized/sterilized air from the upper part of the inner cylinder via the delivery port. <P>COPYRIGHT: (C)2004,JPO

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