System and method for product sterilization using UV light source

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Latex articles with geometrically defined surface structure providing enhanced grip characteristics in dry, wet or oily environment; and a method of making same comprising applying a polymeric coagulant coating to a smooth former surface, wherein the coating becomes tacky during drying, applying discrete coagulant particles of selected size, shape and distribution to the tacky coating to attach and protrude from the former surface with the polymeric coagulant coating, dipping the former into an aqueous latex emulsion, wherein the polymeric coagulant coating and the discrete coagulating particles destabilize the latex, thereby developing a latex layer, vulcanizing and stripping the latex article inside out, and dissolving the discrete coagulant particles in water or suitable solvents to reveal the geometrically designed texture with pre-selected size, shape and distribution of impressions providing improved dry, wet and oily surface grip by removal of a fluid boundary layer.

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