System for delivering foams containing medicaments

Publication Date

November 22, 1977

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Natural or synthetic rubber surgical elements such as tubing, catheters, drains and gloves are \"lubricated\" so as to prevent sticking during storage, and permit easier emplacement, such as putting on the gloves by a surgeon or nurse, by applying to the surface of the rubber element A FINELY DIVIDED BIODEGRADABLE POWDER CONSISTING ESSENTIALLY OF AN ENZYMATICALLY DEGRADABLE FORM OF POLY(N-acetyl-D-glucosamine) selected from the group consisting of POLY[N-acetyl-6-0-(carboxymethyl)-D-glucosamine], POLY[N-acetyl-6-0-(2'-hydroxyethyl)-D-glucosamine], POLY[N-acetyl-6-0-(ethyl)-D-glucosamine], and POLY(N-acetyl-D-glucosamine) itself This powder is readily absorbed by living tissue without deleterious tissue reaction, thus minimizing tissue reaction from the transfer of the powder from the element such as a glove to internal sites in a subject. The gloves may be packaged in a strippable laminate package. The polymers are derived from chitin.

System for delivering foams containing medicaments