The face mask a disposable fluid shut-off

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November 27, 2007

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An airplane air purifier employs high voltage electrostatic ionic air charging grid and precipitator plates for the removal of particulates and contaminants, together with germicidal capabilities provided by an ultraviolet wavelength band UVC illuminator within the purifier. The purifier is adapted to operate from the aircraft passenger cabin electrical supply or alternately from replaceable or rechargeable batteries. The purifier provided with one or more nozzle adapters to removably and supportively install the air purifier to the typical varieties of aircraft passenger air vent nozzles. The air purifier is small in size and light in weight so as to be easily carried onboard the flight and installed without issue to the air vent nozzle, whereby the air purifier purifies the ducted cabin air in the plane before diffusing into the passenger's breathing air space.

The face mask a disposable fluid shut-off