The organic polymeric material

Publication Date

August 3, 2011

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Provided is a mask capable of suppressing infection by preventing virus from intruding into the body of a mask-worn user without giving the sense of discomfort such as a stifled feeling to the user. The mask (1) comprises a mask body (2) and gauze (3). The mask body (2) covers the oral cavity peripheral edge parts including the nasal head part (4a), the lower jaw part (4b), and both jaw joint parts (4c) on the face (4) of the user in such a state that the mask is worn to the face of the user. For example, the mask body (2) is provided with a metal base (5) on which a plurality of projections (6) are formed, and each of the projections is provided with a through-hole communicating with the inner surface (7) and the outer surface (8) of the mask body (2). The projections (6) are so formed on the base (5) as to be raised from the outer surface (8) of the mask body (2) on the side opposite to the inner surface (7) facing the face (4) of the user. A covering layer (9) containing a titanium oxide is formed on the outer surface (8) of the mask body (2).

The organic polymeric material