The raw material, and for processing the product manufacturing means and method for sterilizing compsn.

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PCT No. PCT/US91/08954 Sec. 371 Date Oct. 1, 1993 Sec. 102(e) Date Oct. 1, 1993 PCT Filed Nov. 27, 1991 PCT Pub. No. WO92/17124 PCT Pub. Date Oct. 15, 1992.Method of making a multilayer protective covering such as a surgical glove, finger cot or condom. Mold with a first layer is dipped into a gas-releasing solution which comprises a release agent, a blowing agent, and/or a coagulant. The mold is then dipped into a layer-forming solution to form a second layer. Heat is applied and gas forms between the layers, separating the layers. An antimicrobial solution may replace gas between the layers.

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