Thin-walled natural rubber latex material substantially free of sulfur and nitrosamines, and method of making same

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A sleeve-glove attachment assembly for hazardous environments such as surgical or laboratory environments, as well as applications where there is a desire to maintain a fluid impervious seal such as water or snow activities, is provided to form a fluid impervious seal between a fabric sleeve, woven or nonwoven, and an elastic glove. The sleeve glove attachment assembly comprising an elastic flap, cylindrical in shape, having a distal end and proximal end is attached near the center of the flap to the sleeve at mid-forearm with the distal end extending over the sleeve cuff and proximal end extending over the sleeve toward the elbow. At least one of the proximal and distal ends comprising a raised geometric bead and frictional ridges on the outer surface eliminates bunching and channel formation between the glove cuff and sleeve. The glove cuff is placed over the geometric bead and frictional ridges of the distal end of the flap. Then the proximal end of the flap is folded over the distal end of the flap and overlying glove to create a continuous seal against fluids and particles. A method of making the device, method of donning the assembly, and method of removal of the assembly are also provided.

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