To provide a raised gripping surface texture having geometric characteristics of latex gloves and article (pattern), and method for in-line processing

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An apparatus has a hand-cleaning volume sized to receive a gloved or ungloved human hand. The apparatus includes a mechanical-cleaning device and a chemical-cleaning device, operated sequentially to remove particles and chemical contaminants such as organics. The mechanical-cleaning device has a pressurized gas source positioned to direct a flow of pressurized activated gas into the hand-cleaning volume, and a gas-source vent communicating with the hand-cleaning volume to remove the pressurized activated gas after it has passed over the hand. The chemical-cleaning device has an activating nebulizer operable to emit an activated cleaning mist into the hand-cleaning volume so that the activated cleaning mist contacts the hand in the hand-cleaning volume. The hand is cleaned by directing a flow of pressurized ionized gas over the hand, and thereafter flowing a mist of activated cleaning solution over the hand. The cleaning solution preferably includes hydrogen peroxide.

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