Toothbrush conditioner

Publication Date

October 19, 1993

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A respiratory filter apparatus and method to reduce the risk of any transmission of airborne disease from a patient's respiratory effluent or sputum. The apparatus includes a housing having an air inlet and an air outlet, a motor blower to draw air into the inlet and to discharge air from the outlet, a high efficiency particulate filter within the housing to filter air between the air inlet and outlet, a flexible tube having a one and the other end, one end connected to the air inlet in the housing and the other end being a disposable, truncated face cone adapted to fit about the face of a patient, and optionally at the other end, a holder to hold a nebulizing fluid to be dispensed into the lungs of the patient whereby any respiratory effluent or sputum from the patient and nebulizing fluid are drawn into the disposable face cone by the air flow from the air inlet to the air outlet by reducing the germ transmission of disease by patient coughing to others, such as airborne tuberculosis.

Toothbrush conditioner