Publication Date

December 10, 2002

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A latex compound for dip molding, which can be used for production of a high-quality dip-molded product that is excellent in oil resistance and mechanical strength, has uniform film thickness and soft feeling to the skin and is free of pinholes, as is required for gloves etc. especially in the medical fields, and assumes no stickiness on the surface of the molded product after molding. This object is attained by a latex compound for dip molding which comprises a copolymer latex (L) obtained by emulsion polymerization of a monomer mixture and 0.05 to 5.0 parts by weight of a bubble breaker (A) consisting of a C 8-22 fatty acid or a salt thereof, and if necessary, 0.1 to 5.0 parts by weight of a di C 5-12 alkyl sulfosuccinate salt (B) and/or 0.5 to 10.0 parts by weight of a C 13-20 alkyl benzene sulfonate (C) per 100 parts by weight of the monomer mixture.