Use of an anti-microbial compound for disinfection

Publication Date

July 3, 1990

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A process for detecting accidental contact body fluid samples includes the addition of a small amount of a fluorescent chemical to the body fluid sample, the fluorescent chemical serving as a marker detectable upon exposure to ultraviolet light, Accordingly, any spills of the body fluid sample on exposed surfaces can be readily visually detected upon illuminating those surfaces with an ultraviolet light. Likewise, a process for detecting accidental exposure to a body fluid by skin surface protected by gloves or another substantially fluid impervious covering comprises submerging the gloved or otherwise covered skin surface into a fluorescent fluid, removing the glove or other covering and then illuminating the skin surface with an ultraviolet light to visually detect any fluorescent spots caused by holes or other leaks through the glove or other covering.

Use of an anti-microbial compound for disinfection