Ventilation system

Publication Date

April 25, 2000

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A portable room air filter includes a rigid housing having an essentially-hollow reflective interior chamber. The interior chamber is bounded at one end by an air exhaust port, and by a removable HEPA filter element in fluid communication with an air intake port at an opposite, second end. The air purifier includes a germicidal ultraviolet light source mounted within the interior chamber, and a fan assembly draws air through the purifier. Baffling constructions prevent escape of ambient ultraviolet light, while ensuring free airflow through the purifier. Separate power switches control the fan assembly and ultraviolet light source. The purifier includes an interlock switch that disables the fan and ultraviolet light source when the purifier is opened. A status indicator provides visual feedback regarding the state of the ultraviolet light source. The purifier is lightweight and includes a grasping handle to facilitate movement of the purifier as needed.

Ventilation system