Virus-removing filter

Publication Date

November 13, 2007

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A cylindrical or other suitably shaped filter container for insertion into a user's nares to filter inhaled air to remove airborne items. The filter container has two open ends forming a container surrounding filter material. Polypropylene may be used to form the container or tube. Other suitable material such as rubber or other softer material may also be used. The present disclosure further includes a respiration mask having a peripheral seal composed of treated and fluffed polypropylene fibers. An edge seal according to the present disclosure lowers the respiratory resistance of a mask and improves the filtration efficiency. Treated, fluffed, polypropylene may also be used to form a respiration mask, such a mask may also include an edge seal to improve filtration and comfort. Treated, meltblown, polypropylene may also be used to form a filter napkin or handkerchief that may be carried and used in short term or unexpected situations.

Virus-removing filter